If! Foundation is a Swiss, independent and not-for-profit foundation.

The Foundation acts for a more equitable, responsible, inclusive and caring world. Its work is motivated by Judeo-Christian values and driven by a spirit of empathy and solidarity for those in need and distress.

Believing in the right to equal opportunity and in the universality of human potential, the Foundation aims at providing opportunities to everyone, valorising and enhancing people’s talent and motivation. IF actively seeks to initiate virtuous circles of impact that go beyond the immediate activities it supports. 


A world in which all actors, driven by a sense of solidarity, collaborate to ensure that disadvantaged and underserved populations can belong, grow and realize their aspirations in dignity.


To identify high potential organisations and build constructive and respectful partnerships to enable them to achieve their goals.


The foundation is inspired by the following values:

  • Equitable opportunities
  • Advancement of women
  • Judeo-Christian values
  • Solidarity